Users I/O

If you need to print something, or getting inputs from users in extra [software will get functions input automatically which separated by &&] follow these rules. For printing info/warn/error or just print something you can import alert in core folder by using from core.alert import *

Each functions have just 1 input and it’s the content of messages. Function names are write() , info(), warn() and error(). If you want get input from yours, you have to import the file from core folder. This file will help you to get input from users. You can have it with from core.get_input import _input The _input() function required 3 argv which are name,type,_while . name will be use for shown to users to what they have to input. Example , if you want to they insert a file name, you can replace name with filename, and filename> will show to users for input. Second is the type. Input type could be any which is anything or hex which is hex value or int which is an integer! Choose any if it’s not important for you. And the last one is _while value, which could be True or False. If you insert True, it mean while True , get input from user, check if it’s match with rules [example: which is int and user inter it correctly and didn’t press ctrl+c] and if it’s False, software will ask for input just one time, and if it not match with rules or user insert ctrl + c and skip it, None will be the value of return. You can set a rule like this:

And note that you can user colors for your output contents with importing core/ you can get color codes which calling their name and include them in your content!

You can have color lists in core/

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