OWASP ZSC API JUST SHELLCODE GENERATOR is available now at api.z3r0d4y.com. It’s very simple to communicate with OWASP ZSC API. You have to using POST method and fill the values.

'api_name': 'zsc',#1
'os': 'linux_x86',#2
'job': 'system(\'cat[space]/etc/shadow\')',#3
'encode': 'add_random' #4
  • First step you have to define the API name, it must fill with zsc to use this project API.
  • Second, you have to define the OS name/
  • Third, You have to fill job with function name and argvs required!
  • Finaly, You must define the encoding name!

Here is the patterns for job value and functions with inputs.

#this is list of functions name from version 1.0.8 stable branch on github.
[+] exec('/path/file')
[+] chmod('/path/file','permission number')
[+] write('/path/file','text to write')
[+] file_create('/path/file','text to write')
[+] dir_create('/path/folder')
[+] download('url','filename')
[+] download_execute('url','filename','command to execute')
[+] system('command to execute')
[+] script_executor('name of script','path and name of your script in your pc','execute command')

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